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Sod installation

Before sod is installed, some steps need to be taken to ensure the process goes smoothly. Killing the old lawn and weeds along with removing dead lawn will help to prepare the area where the new sod will be installed.


After taking care of any rocks or debris lying around, a rototiller will be used on the soil, followed by raking and grading to finish out any uneven spots. Finally, soil will be rolled to make the surface as firm as possible.

Preparing your new yard

Once your yard has been prepped, sod will be laid down as soon as possible. Since your grass growth depends on whether you have a sunnier side or shadier side hitting the turf, we'll customize exactly the right amount of sod needed.


Once the sod is laid and rolled out, it needs to be watered thoroughly. We can handle that for you, or if you would prefer, you may water on your own. We'll ensure you know exactly what to expect. Do not attempt to mow the area until it has been placed and settles for two to three weeks.

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Speedy sod installation

Sod installation